Having your website redeveloped? Make sure you don’t run into these common SEO problems

Many businesses employ web developers with a lack of knowledge in search engine optimisation to redesign their company website, only to then find their rankings suffer as a result. It’s a story we’ve heard on multiple occasions from customers. They’ve had a lovely looking website developed, but now they can’t work out why they’re getting less organic traffic than before.

A visual overhaul can provide your customers with a much nicer browsing experience but if your redesign is carried out by someone who doesn’t have a good understanding of SEO, you could find the visual overhaul brings more downsides than upsides.

If you’ve ever had your website redesigned and shortly after found a drop in traffic, it’s most likely because you didn’t have an experienced SEO specialist during the development process, but someone who only specialised in one area – website development.

When hiring someone to redevelop your website, for personal or business use, it’s imperative that you use a developer who has a good understanding of SEO to ensure that when your new site goes live, you don’t suffer from a drop in your search engine result positions. Doing so, could become very costly for your business if you generate leads and sales through your website.

We specialise in website development and search engine optimisation as we believe the two services go hand in hand. Whilst it’s ok for an individual or agency to specialise in SEO without understanding website development, the same rule doesn’t apply the other way around.

Some points to consider when looking for a website developer:

  • Will they be carrying out a website SEO audit on your current site?
  • Do they understand how to use 301 redirects, and will they be reviewing incoming links to your website from other sites?
  • Will your metadata be based around keyword research?
  • Will they be using structured data during the development?
  • Will they create a sitemap?
  • Do you have Schema markup implemented? If so, will they be keeping this intact?
  • Will your new website be optimised in regards to loading speed?
  • Will they install an SSL certificate?
  • Will the website be developed on PHP7?

If you’ve suffered from a hit to your websites traffic, why not check out our Managed SEO service. We can help you to increase your exposure, regain your lost traffic, and take your search engine result positions to the next level. Get in touch with us for a free consultation and let’s see what we can do for your business.