Website Maintenance & Support Packages – Are They Worth It?

Does your business need a website support package? Are you looking for a completely managed support service to keep your site running smoothly leaving your team to manage the business itself, rather than your digital channels? If so, read on.

There are several benefits to keeping your business website updated from a business, end-user and SEO perspecitve. It’s the first tool your online customers potentialy see, so making sure your businessess website stays ahead of the competition is crucial as you could be missing out on potential traffic and new customers.

Maintaining a website is a continuous task and not doing so could be hurting your business and therefore your customers / sales. Keeping your website updated is also crucial from a security standpoint as well as that from a ranking perspective. Google loves fresh content, but finding the time to regularly update your website let alone manage your content management system, themes, plugins and e-commerce system can be very time consuming. Rather than hiring in house, we offer a solution by offering a fully managed website maintenance and support package, taking care of your website for you. And, because we tailor our maintenance services around your business, you’re only paying for what’s needed. Every business is different – from size, to requirements.

Some of the benefits by using us to maintain your website includes:

  • Fully Managed Service – We can take care of everything for you
  • We keep up to date with Google algorithm changes
  • Optimisation of your code, improving site loading speed and therefore the end user experience.
  • Management and mainteance of your WordPress content management system, themes & plugins, ensuring all are kept up to date.  Minimising security risks with outdated plugins, and ensuring that each update doesn’t break functionality
  • Management of your websites hosting server, liaising with your hosting provider when needed
  • Management of your website backups, email accounts, and configuration
  • We can provide fresh content, be in the form of blogs, product descriptions etc
  • e-Commerce management including standard/custom pricing implementation as well as other e-commerce functionality integrations
  • Design changes to current webpages as well as creating new webpages, banners, promotional offers etc
  • Build new functionality into your site keeping it modern in this fast moving market
  • Track and report on your website’s health via website audits, meaning should a problem arise, we can let you know, or fix the problem before the situation gets out of hand
  • Track and report on your keywords & phrases by device and location. We can also do this for your online competitors – giving you an insight into what’s working for them, when they have made changes, and where they are getting their traffic from, organically and paid. This can be especially useful if you have recently lost / dropped some of your rankings and are getting less visitors than usual, or if you’re looking at increasing your exposure via organic traffic

Website Maintenance & Support Benefits

  • We can help your business increase your exposure / online presence
  • We can help increase your sales by convert leads. Do you get a lot of traffic but not a lot of sales? From slow site speed, broken links, or high bounce rates, we constantly analyse performance to keep your digital channel run smoothly
  • Our fixed prices are fixed, meaning no surprise charges.
  • We offer a free website / business consultancy service first to all our clients. All our service packages are tailored and to do that we need to understand your business model, and your requirements. You’ve no doubt seen various sites advertise their prices online, but how can they quote without assessing what’s required? We don’t try to sell to you via a sales pitch. We prefer to build relationships with our customers. Understand their needs and go from there. We prefer to build a long lasting relationship.

You can find more information about some of these benefits on our individual services pages, though it’s worth remembering we customise your package for you based on your specific requirements. From simple maintenance packages to keeping your site running smoothly, to fully managed digital marketing services taking care of all your business needs.