The importance of product search

The search function on your WooCommerce store is more important than you might think. Did you know that users who search for products are more likely to purchase than those who navigate your eCommerce store using other methods such as traditional navigation? That's because these website visitors fall under transactional intent and account for 14% of eCommerce revenue.

Providing these users with a better search experience means a better UX for them, and higher revenue for your business, so getting this part of your store's functionality correct can make a big difference to how successful your online store is.

The importance of product filters

Having a product search on your website is crucial if you want customers to be able to find what they're looking for without having to sift through pages and pages of products, but so are product filters. They make finding products quicker and easier than searching alone. Most eCommerce websites have both search and filters but normally the experience is disjointed. The reason being is that the search bar searches for products, whereas product filters are normally shown on category pages or the shop's index. So customers normally have to navigate to two separate places to use both of these features. However, there is a better way.

Improving WooCommerce Product Search

If you manage an eCommerce store, the likelihood is you're using WooCommerce to power your store. It's the most widely used plugin for the largest open-source CMS, WordPress. As most readers will know, these sites consist of three core elements. First up is the CMS itself. The next layer is the theme, custom or off the shelf, and last but not least are the plugins that add functionality. Your theme will either have an inbuilt search function or will be using a plugin to add search and filters to your store. However, out of the box offerings, whilst being ok, certainly have room for improvement. Thankfully there is now a solution.

The Best WooCommerce Product Search & Filter Plugin

WooSearch is a premium WooCommerce search and filter plugin that not only overrides the default search but also adds product filter options directly into the same real estate so users don't need to navigate back and forth when searching for a product. Better still, it features a modern design, lightning fast search results thanks to an intelligent search engine, and advanced features.

Faster than AJAX Search

WooSearch isn't just beautiful, but it's been developed with speed in mind. Store owners will know that speed means everything and shaving just tenths of seconds off can have a big impact on bounce rates and revenue generated. WooSearch uses a clever method not often seen in other search plugins for WooCommerce. It doesn't rely on the 'fast' AJAX method but instead saves the product database to a JSON file which is cached locally. We won't bore you with the jargon. Test out the demo for yourself and look at how fast the system is. It gives a new meaning to fast.

Widgets and Shortcodes

Integrating WooSearch is a breeze. With options to override the default WooCommerce search, this option will be suitable for most store owners and is about as user friendly as you can get. More advanced methods include using WordPress widgets. Lastly, there is an option to use a shortcode should you need it.

Single site and multisite

WooSearch is compatible with single sites as well as multisite. Normally the latter is not supported so this is a great feature addition for store owners managing these types of setups.

Advanced Filter Options

As we mentioned above, WoCommerce product filters are included within this popup style search system. Customize the filters by choosing what product attributes to include in the sidebar (assuming you have created the filters/attributes within WooCommerce already).

When customers search for a product by title, SKU, description or even custom fields, they’ll be able to narrow the results further by using these product filters. This is what makes the plugin user friendly and makes finding products quicker and easier than ever before.

WooCommerce Product Search Options

When it comes to the product search options, the feature list is extensive. Choose to hide products, categories, products out of stock, and much more besides. Need to display cost savings on sale prices vs regular prices? No problem. Want to display stock status or delivery promotions? Go ahead. Want to display brand logos to enrich the design? WooSearch does it all.

Wrapping Up

If you’re serious about providing a better UX to your customers and improving your store’s sales performance, WooSearch is the premium search and filter plugin you really need to check out.

There are a plethora of WooCommerce search plugins on the market, and a smaller number of product plugins too. However, none of them combines the two to create a better shopping experience, until now. Utilising a modern design, super-fast search results, and a host of features that can be enabled or disabled freely, WooSearch provides added functionality to your eCommerce store you didn’t realise you needed.