Certificate of Excellence 2019 Award

Silver Scope Media has won the Bark, Certificate of Excellence 2019 award. Thanks Bark. That’s not a bad way to end the year. We provide a range of digital marketing services from managed to consultancy based. We have some great feedback from clients which can be found on Google, LinkedIn, or our review page.
Table with laptop and cup of coffee. Article explaining how to improve your CTR.

How to get page one rankings without a digital marketing budget

Ranking on Google for your chosen keywords and phrases can be tough, especially for businesses with a small or no digital marketing budget. Today, I’ll be covering a tactic you can carry out internally with no cost which will help you rank for competitive phrases. Getting your keywords and phrases in the top 100 positions...

PHP 7.0 Security Support Reaching EOL. Update and Stay Protected

PHP 5.6 and 7.0 will stop getting security updates before the end of this year. As of 3rd December 2018, security updates and patches will no longer be released for these versions of the scripting language. After this date, websites still using these versions of PHP will be vulnerable to attacks. Not to mention that...
Avoiding SEO Diaster During Development

Avoiding an SEO disaster during your website redevelopment

Many businesses employ web developers with a lack of knowledge in search engine optimisation to redesign their company website, only to then find their rankings suffer as a result. It’s a story we’ve heard on multiple occasions from customers. They’ve had a lovely looking website developed, but now they can’t work out why they’re getting...
TLS 1.3 - Make your website Faster

Making your website faster and more secure with TLS 1.3

It’s been a decade since the last encryption protocol update and TLS 1.3 will be rolling out in major browsers such as Firefox and Chrome within the next month or so. It’s already in beta, but the full release is coming very soon as the protocol was finalised in August of this year. Now we’re...
Schema Markup - Benefits to your business

Schema Markup – Underutilised SEO Technique

Schema – What is it? Schema markup is one of the most under-utilised SEO techniques, yet it offers several digital marketing benefits to businesses and website owners. Have you ever searched on Google and seen certain results display additional information such as reviews, prices, recipes and cook times, top stories, links to purchase tickets etc?...
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