TLS 1.3 - Make your website Faster

Making your website faster and more secure with TLS 1.3

It’s been a decade since the last encryption protocol update and TLS 1.3 will be rolling out in major browsers such as Firefox and Chrome within the next month or so. It’s already in beta, but the full release is coming very soon as the protocol was finalised in August of this year. Now we’re...
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Schema Markup - Benefits to your business

Schema Markup – Underutilised SEO Technique

Schema – What is it? Schema markup is one of the most under-utilised SEO techniques, yet it offers several digital marketing benefits to businesses and website owners. Have you ever searched on Google and seen certain results display additional information such as reviews, prices, recipes and cook times, top stories, links to purchase tickets etc?...
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SEO Services we offer

SEO Services – Technical SEO vs User Experience

Our fully managed SEO service covers a range of services from technical to user experience. This post aims to cover some of the areas we cover for clients though it certainly doesn’t cover everything by any means, but hopefully it gives you more of an insight into what we do and what is meant by...
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Speed up WordPress - 10 Tips

10 Tips on how to speed up your WordPress website

There has been a lot of research to show that websites that take more than 3 seconds to load, will result in a high bounce rate. The ideal benchmark for your page load time is 2 seconds and under. Today, we’ll be looking at how you can increase your WordPress performance to achieve this. We’ve...
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Siteground Web Hosting Review

Siteground Website Hosting Review

Siteground Website Hosting Review We’ve teamed up with Siteground to offer our readers 60% off their hosting plan prices. Read our Siteground website hosting review to find out why hosting your website with them could be the best decision you make today. Finding a web hosting provider that offers cheap web hosting whilst offering the...
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Benefits of our website maintenance services

Benefits of our Website Support Packages

Website Maintenance & Support Packages – Are They Worth It? Does your business need a website support package? Are you looking for a completely managed support service to keep your site running smoothly leaving your team to manage the business itself, rather than your digital channels? If so, read on. There are several benefits to...
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