Consultancy VS Managed SEO Services – What’s best for you?

We understand that not all businesses have a budget set aside for digital marketing, which is understandable – especially for those that are just setting up, or are one man bands. That’s why we offer a choice to cater for most businesses when it comes to digital marketing and search engine optimisation. Managed, as well as on-site consultancy. The end goal is the same, to increase your exposure in the digital marketplace. The approach however is flexible.

Managed SEO Service

With our managed service, we can run a month by month SEO project for you covering in-depth areas of on-page as well as off-page optimisation. This includes a wide array of areas in which optimisation can take place including site analysis for your website as well as of your competitors, (After all, to beat the competition you must first analyse them) on-page optimisation including titles and metadata, heading tags, image alt, image titles, URL structures and managed regular content just to name a few. For off-page SEO, this can include social media campaigns, directory listings, Google business optimisation, and even link building where required.

On Premise SEO Consultancy

For our constancy service, the offering and end goal is the same though the method of delivery is what changes. We can come to you at your premises and teach you some of the skills needed so you’re able to start managing your SEO in house. For some clients, this then leads to a managed service due to seeing actionable results, though for others it just means occasional visits to re-analyse and teach additional skills to make sure they are staying on top of the game.

There’s no shortage of digital marketing agencies out there, but where we aim to be different is in terms of price, should you be in the market for a managed SEO service, and the fact that we’re happy to come to you and teach you the required skills to effectively manage your own digital marketing services in house without monthly costs to yourself.

We’re flexible, approachable, and friendly – so get in touch for an informal chat and let’s see what Silver Scope Media can do for you.

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