Coronavirus continues to disrupt the world and businesses are faced with tough decisions about how to proceed with their digital marketing strategy. Do you grind everything to a halt as businesses close whilst we’re in isolation or do you battle on?

It might seem like in a time of crisis, now is the time to put a pause on your digital marketing. But now is a more important time than ever to progress with your digital strategy as more people are at home and searching for products and services online.

For businesses who are predominantly service focused, it’s understandable why pausing everything might seem like the obvious choice. After all, if you can’t provide your customers with services at this time, why continue? However, it’s worth noting that search algorithms, especially the broad ones – roll out on a quarterly basis. So the actions you take today will have an impact further down the line. Whilst you’re doing nothing, your competitors are likely to be focused on their online presence.

For e-commerce businesses, the choice is more obvious. As more people are sat at home, search trends are on the rise.

Here are 5 digital marketing techniques you can undertake to improve your online visibility during the coronavirus crisis. Now is not the time to give up.

1. Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is going to have a bigger benefit than in normal climates as more people are sat at home and scrolling through social media platforms. You could use this time to let your customer base know their you’re still thinking about them, and how you can be of benefit when your business re-opens.

You should also consider ways in which you can support your current customers now, even whilst your business may be closed for trading. If you’re a restaurant or food outlet, why not share recipes online to increase engagement. If you’re in the bar industry, why not hold online quizzes? Adapt your message to suit, and let your customers know that you’re still thinking about them to make sure they don’t forget about you.

2. Google Ads

There has been a steep decline in Google Ad advertisements as a lot of businesses have put a pause on their digital marketing campaigns. However, this can be a benefit to your business, especially if you’ve never used this platform before.

The main reason to jump on the bandwagon now is because of the way Google Ads works compared to other online CPC (Cost Per Click) platforms. With some online CPC platforms, the highest bidder wins and appears above their competitors. With Google Ads, there’s a more complicated algorithm that takes place to determine how much you pay and what position you appear in.

Google Ads uses what’s known as a QS (Quality Score) which partly determines what your ad position is in relation to your online competitors who are bidding on the same keywords.

Normally, if you had an 8/10 of QS, and one of your competitors had a 9/10 QS, they would appear higher than you but pay a lower AVG CPC. With fewer advertisers currently using this platform, it means you can get more clicks at a reduced rate compared to normal. Now is the time to utilise this benefit and maximise the number of clicks you’ll get per £.

3. Video Platforms

Some online video platforms such as YouTube have seen a huge increase in traffic whilst people are self-isolating at home, or whilst their place of work is temporarily closed due to COVID-19.

Whilst this digital channel may not suit all businesses, now is an ideal time to build your follower base if this is a platform you could potentially use.

4. SEO/SEM Marketing

There’s never a time to not carry out SEO on your website. It increases your organic growth and puts your brand in front of more potential customers.

Regardless if you’re in the e-commerce sector or a service provider, this marketing technique when carried out correctly will increase how many people find you through search engines and remember – the work you do today will have benefits tomorrow. (Not so literal as in the day after today, but you get the idea)

If you don’t have any experience in SEO, we offer both managed SEO services as well as in-house SEO training. Due to the precautionary measures we are currently taking due to coronavirus, our in-house SEO training is currently only being offered remotely through Zoom.

5. Improve your website’s health

Alternatively, for businesses with no marketing budgets, we do provide free website audits with actionable recommendations for steps you can take to increase your online visibility. If you’re currently sat at home with not much to do, now is a great time to carry out this marketing technique and ensure your website’s health stays in top condition.

Closing notes:

If you need any help with your digital marketing strategy in terms of managed services or even just advice, give us a call. We would be happy to help. Above all, stay safe.