Full-service eCommerce website development, creating tools, features and integrations that elevate your eCommerce store to the next level and above your competitors.


We craft sophisticated eCommerce experiences through creative and strategic thinking, problem-solving and great attention to detail. From robust web applications to better sales management, we design, develop and deploy eCommerce stores that increases user engagement.


Your online store represents your business, and the frontend website design is equally as crucial as the backend that powers it. We design our eCommerce websites with your target audience in mind ensuring that your website has everything it needs to succeed in a competitive marketplace.


We develop and integrate advanced bespoke eCommerce functionalities from configuration tools on product pages, cart abandonment tools, or even features such as custom pricing modules and customer portals. If you can think of it - we can develop, integrate and deploy it.


Work smarter, not harder. The more sophistaced your eCommerce website is, doesn't mean the more hands-on time required for day-to-day management. It could be you're looking for better sales management in the form of ERP integration to automating sales communication through email sequencing.

Whatever the requirement, our team of eCommerce development specialists have the expertise and understanding to integrate external tools and ERPs into your eCommerce website.


Get a free discovery consultation from our development specialists. We're an award-winning digital agency crafting eCommerce websites that result in transformative digital experiences.



    eCommerce websites are often more advanced and dynamic than static brand showcase websites, and you're likely to have a lot of questions before looking at design and development. Some of the more common questions are listed below. Got a question you don't see covered? Get in touch with our eCommerce specialists.

    At Silver Scope Media, we’ve worked with local businesses in Hereford to large corporations on the other side of the world. The principal is always the same. To design, develop and deliver eCommerce experiences that brings your business more customers.

    Our eCommerce development specialists are full-stack developers so there are virtually no limitations on what can be developed and integrated into a new or an already existing website. No more excuses for why something can’t be done on your website.

    Of course. We understand that eCommerce websites need to be as automated as possible and are able to integrate with any external tools and systems as long as they have an API.

    We're flexible in our approach and different businesses have different requirements. Our graphic designers can design and supply the web designs using existing brand guidelines, or you can supply them to us from an existing design agency. We've developed websites using both approaches and understand every business has different requirements when it comes to the design aspect.

    If you have no CRM/ERP that we're integrating with and are managing customer data manually, you'll find the process simple. We use an open-source content management system that is designed with ease of use.

    Before the handover, we'll show you how to use the backend to manage customer data, process orders and update products. We're always on hand to answer questions should you have them, and provide website maintenance services for businesses looking for a completely hands-off solution.

    It's always recommended for any type of website to have ongoing maintenance. Websites are built using a set of coding languages and it's advised that these are maintained for various reasons. From technical points that create friction in the buyers journey to keeping the codebase updated and secure.

    Doing so will give you an edge over your online competitors. We provide bespoke website support and maintenance packages for businesses and are able to do this for newly developed websites or existing ones. Get in touch with us to find out more about how we can protect your digital assets as well as your customers data.

    Web Design Questions

    We'll collaboratively plan and craft an eCommerce experience that works for you and your customers. From the initial consultation to launch, our development process is clear and transparent.



    We start by developing a deep understanding of your goals and objectives for your eCommerce project.



    Next, we scope out the technical requirements of your eCommerce project, including any integrations.



    At this stage, we'll design the frontend and backend design for all pages and technical development points.



    Your eCommerce website, plus all bespoke features and integrations, are developed and turned into reality.



    After the eCommerce development phase, every feature and integration undergoes rigorous testing.



    Once both parties have signed off on all design and development, we'll plan to transfer to your live servers.

    Silver Scope Media Client Feedback

    It doesn't end with the launch of your new eCommerce website. We also provide bespoke website support and maintenance for a completely hands-off approach to keeping your website updated, backed up and secure.

    We can also help with your organic growth and sales through digital strategies with a deep focus on increased search engine visibility, conversions and sales. Our SEO campaigns are flexible, tailored to your target audience and commitment-free. Based on results rather than contracts, we turn the technical into tangible.

    Digital Marketing Growth & Support

    Crafting a sophisticated eCommerce experience

    We developed the new eCommerce website for Agrifence. Using their existing website design agency, we were tasked with the development, which was extensive and feature rich. From OrderWise ERP integration to bespoke features such as their white-label reseller quoting tool and Google maps fence measuring tool.


    Agrifence is an established provider of provides electrical fencing systems and products to the equine industry. With designs provided, they were looking for bespoke eCommerce website development to transform their online presence.

    Their newly developed website features a wide range of bespoke eCommerce functions such as their fence measuring tool, custom pricing for trade members, cart abandonment features and a stockist locator.

    • OrderWise ERP Integration
    • Custom Pricing
    • Permission-Based System
    • Courier Tracking
    • Live Search Filters
    • Google Product Feed
    • 360° Media Support
    • Address Lookup
    • OrderWise ERP Integration
    • CSV Order Facility
    • Reseller Quote Tool
    • Courier Integration
    • Bespoke Custom Pricing Module
    • Real-Time Search & Filters
    • Stockist Map
    • Permission Based Features

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    Are you looking for bespoke eCommerce website development? Speak to our eCommerce development specialists today and find out how Silver Scope media can help your business design, develop and deploy a sophisticated eCommerce platform that result in transformative digital experiences. Give us a call on 01432 483163 or send us an email.