eMarketing Made Simple

We can take care of all your email marketing requirements including uploading and managing your subscriber list, custom designing your e-shots to reflect your brand and sending to your client list using A/B testing.

Our eMarketing solution is designed to be stress-free, and bespoke to your business requirements. We offer either a fully managed solution or just a design creation which can then be pushed to your prefered email client via API.

Managed Solution

Email Campaigns

A fully managed email marketing solution for businesses looking to run professional email marketing campaigns to generate more leads and sales.

Flexible Approach

Bespoke Service

Our flexible approach means we can provide a fully managed solution or just create the email designs for you to use within your own platform.

Content Copy

Rough copy or precise details

You can provide us with a rough copy which we can optimise for you to get the best open rates and conversion rates, or you can provide us with a precise copy of what is required.

Email Proof

Client Satisfaction

We always send you a proof copy after each design for you to sign off before we send it to your mailing list, ensuring you’re happy with what’s been created.

A/B Testing

Increasing Conversions

Using split testing, we optimise your email campaigns to generate the best possible results, increasing open rates, conversions and sales.


Detailed Statistics

Reports are sent after each campaign showing data such as successful deliveries, open rates and click through rates on individual elements and URL’s.