Google Update Coming In July – Get Your Website Ready

Google Update July - Mobile Traffic

New Google update on the way

Google search algorithms come thick and fast, with many changes designed to improve the search user experience. The Google Speed Update is set to start next month in July, at which point Google will start using mobile page speed as a ranking factor in their mobile search results.

It’s been eight years since Google announced that page speed was a ranking factor, but that was primarily aimed at desktop searches. Now, with more than 50% of searches being carried out from mobile devices, the same ranking factor is making its way to mobile devices.

Whilst speed is one of the many factors that attribute to where a site ranks, now is the time to check your websites loading speed if you get a lot of traffic from mobile devices.

Another update as of July 2018, is that Google’s Chrome browser will identify non-HTTPS sites as being ‘not secure’

HTTPS is a Ranking Signal

Source: Google 

Whilst Google announced in 2014 that sites that had a SSL certificate installed would benefit from a small search engine result position increase, and browsers have always displayed the padlock symbol for sites that were secure – this is the first time we are seeing one of the major internet browsers clearly identify sites that are non-secure.

For those that are not aware, a SSL certificate encrypts all data sent over a browser, and a site without an SSL certificate, is not safe for the end user when it comes to entering personal data into the browser. Email, password, bank card details etc.

So, if you’re running an ecommerce site or a website that allows users to login, or submit info in one shape or form, you should have an SSL. In fact, all sites should have an SSL regardless, especially as there is no cost involved and the benefits it brings with it.

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