Increase your page speed, increase your conversions

Increase your pagespeed

Increasing your online conversion ratio by increasing your page speed

Having a well optimised website, means a better user experience, faster load times, a lower bounce rate and higher conversions. If you’re trying to outrank the competition – you’ll want to have a well optimised, fast loading website.

Website speed is a ranking signal

Google examines hundreds of different aspects of your website to determine where your site ranks. From how relevant your webpages are in comparison to the keywords/phrases you’re trying to rank, to technical performance such as Page-speed. Having a fast loading website not only helps to increase your rankings in Google, but it’s also proven to increase your conversions. FireFox for example, reduced their average load time by 2.2 seconds, and at the same time increased their downloads by over 15%

Increasing your website speed

There are several things you can do to measure and increase your website performance and speed.

GTMetrix is a free tool to measure and analyse the performance of your website. Scoring you on a multitude of areas, you’ll be able to easily identify in what areas your website needs improvement.

Increasing your speed can be tricky in certain areas, but there are some easy steps to improve the performance / loading speed of your site. First and foremost, is your hosting. A poor hosting service is going to strip away any hard work you do. Always avoid taking out shared hosting plans that are crammed with tons of websites. Free hosts, or extremely cheap ones should be avoided at all costs. We only use SiteGround for our clients hosting (as well as our own website obviously) due to the performance, cost and customer support.

Once you have a decent hosting platform in place, optimisation follows. Below are some key areas that will help to improve your website performance, and increase your conversions.

  1. Serve scaled images.
  2. Compress images for web to reduce page size.
  3. Use JPG’s over PNG’s where possible.
  4. Leverage browser caching
  5. Minify Javascript
  6. Minify HTML
  7. Minify CSS
  8. Enable GZIP Compression
  9. Reduce HTTP requests
  10. Use PHP 7.1

After doing the above, you should end up with a pretty decent score. Our score on GTMetrix can be seen below.

Silver Scope Media Website GTMetrix Optimisation Report

Some of these may be tricky depending on your skill level, or you simply may not have the time. If so, then feel free to contact us about our website maintenance services and let us take care of the hard work for you.


Omri is the founder of Silver Scope Media. Specialising in SEO, I’ve worked with some of the largest digital software publishers in the Unites States increasing brand awareness of highly competitive software. Today, I use my years of experience to help businesses increase online visibility, conversions and sales in the digital space.