Increasing Website Traffic via Web Analysis on Competitors

SEO Competitor Analysis

Do you spy on your online competitors? You should

There are various ways in which you can increase your SERP’s (Search Engine Result Positions) on Google and other major search engines, but one of the most important factors is your on-page SEO. But how do you know what keywords to target? How difficult it will be to rank for certain phrases? Or why your competitors are doing so well when you’re struggling to get the same level of online coverage? Wouldn’t it be great if you could gain a deeper understanding of these metrics before investing time and money? Well, you can.

Search Engine Optimisation – Understand your Competitors

By using online SEO tools, you can find out a wealth of information on your own website as well as those of your competitors. If you’re competing with a competitor’s website, paying a small monthly fee to find out information regarding their keyword positioning as well where they gain their website traffic from can pay dividends and prove crucial. By understanding your competition, you can start to understand what keywords are worth targeting, what phrases are going to cost you with CPC advertising, not to mention a host of other information all available to help you have the edge when it comes to on-page search engine optimisation

Keyword Analysis – Useful Insights

Whilst the web analysis tool covers a variety of information in various areas, one of the crucial ones is the information you can find out regarding a keyword or phrase. For example, you can find out how often a certain term is searched for on a monthly basis, what devices they are searched from, a score showing you how difficult it would be to rank for those keywords, and a trend map showing you if that particular phrase is being searched for more or less compared to previous months. This can be particularly useful when targeting difficult phrases.

Other Methods to Increase Website Traffic

SEM’s website analysis tool is in depth to say the least. It features a wide array of analytical stats and information, designed to help you make your website as best as it can possibly be. This includes organic research, PPC research, website analysis and audit tools and much more. For a breakdown of some of the features covered, take a look at our webpage ‘website analysis’ as this covers some of those features.

SEMrush – Is it worth the money?

This depends if you’re using us for a managed search engine optimisation service, or if you’re using us for SEO consultancy. Maybe you’re doing neither and have just stumbled upon this article. If you’re getting a managed SEO service from us, then this is included and you don’t need to worry about additional monthly costs. If, however you’re not and are looking to manage your own in-house SEO, then this is invaluable if you wish to gain an edge. Monthly subscriptions start at $99 though you can get a feel for the tool for free before committing. There’s no sign in periods or contract lengths. You simply pay for the time you use the tool.

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