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COVID-19: Free website support to health & social care providers

By way of support, we are offering free website management and maintenance to all health and social care providers until the end of July 2020.

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Website Security: Protect your brand, customers and reputation

Securing your website protects not only brand and reputation, but it also safeguards your customers' sensitive information from prying eyes.

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How to reduce cart abandonment on eCommerce

It can be difficult enough to get people to find your products online, but once they do, how do you reduce cart abandonment? Read our 8 tips for reducing cart abandonment.

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Coronavirus – how to advance your digital marketing

Here are 5 digital marketing techniques you can undertake to improve your online visibility during the coronavirus crisis. Now is not the time to give up.

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COVID-19 Update – we’re making some changes

At Silver Scope Media, we feel we have a responsibility to remain focused on our area of expertise, whilst ensuring that our business, clients and the community stay safe in this time of crisis.

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How to improve your search visibility with one simple method

How would you like to increase your website traffic to your site using one simple method? Here we explore how to achieve that. Grab a coffee, sit back and have a read.

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The Ultimate Guide to a Successful Website

What does it take to have a successful website that works for your business? It’s more than just design. SEO and optimisation is the difference between success and failure.

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In-house SEO. Is it right for your business?

SEO is an essential digital marketing strategy for businesses looking to increase their organic growth. A great looking website doesn’t mean much if you’re not getting traffic to it.

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Google BERT update – AI Deep Learning

Google has announced a new algorithm update rolling out, which they are calling the most important update during the last five years.

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How to track conversions with GTM (Google Tag Manager)

As a business, you probably have a set budget for digital marketing. But if you’re not tracking your conversions, you’re not measuring your return on investment.

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Chrome browser to start blocking mixed content

Google has recently announced that its Chrome browser will start to block web pages that feature mixed content, beginning at the end of the year.