‘What an incredible story’ – That’s the first comment that Dan Barker wrote on his LinkedIn post regarding my podcast with him. I’ll be honest, I wasn’t going to write about my podcast experience. Not because I regretted doing it, far from it. But because I felt I rambled on and on.

However, the other day I received an email from a local business owner who had listened to the podcast and had nothing, but nice comments and it made me think again.

I’m Omri Shalom – The director and owner of Silver Scope Media. Before the pandemic started my intention was to go to networking events because who you know can be far more important than what you know. Then unfortunately the world suffered something most of us couldn’t have possibly imagined in our lifetime, coronavirus. This quickly put a halt to my plans on networking with other local business owners.

A few months ago, I was invited by Dan Barker to take part in the thriving three counties podcast. I was honoured to be asked. With 5920 followed on his LinkedIn page, being asked to take part was fantastic, but I won’t deny I was nervous. Only because I had not done anything like this before and knew that having a microphone in front of me, I’d be very aware I was being recorded.

Once the podcast had been recorded, I instantly felt I had rambled on so much about my life story I had missed promoting the business that I’ve created. And as someone who can’t listen to their own voice on recordings, I soon forgot about it until the other day.

However, due to the feedback I had, I felt I should share the podcast. So if you want to learn about me, my background and how Silver Scope Media came to be, check out the podcast by clicking on the link below.


And if you’re looking for someone to take care of your photography and video production needs, I highly recommend Dan Barker. His work is fantastic and he’s a great bloke.