Organic Growth Calculator

Understanding The Tool

Our organic growth calculator tool will show you how much traffic and revenue you would expect to generate for any search query within the first page results in Google.

Then, using your conversion rate ratio and your average order value, you can estimate your organic growth for rising positions within Google’s search engine.

Monthly search volume

To use this tool you’ll need to enter the monthly search volume for a keyword or phrase. You can use free tools such as Google Search Console which will give you an impression count for phrases that you’re already ranking for in their search engine.

Impressions equate to a relatively accurate estimate of search volume assuming you’re already ranking somewhere on the first page for that phrase (As 75% of users / 90% of searches don’t make it past the first page of the search results).

If you’re looking to discover untapped phrases with higher search volumes or more concise keyword research data, we can provide this to you through our website audit & analysis service.

Conversion rate

To find your conversion rate, simply divide your total sales by the amount of unique visitors you receive per month. You can find this data in your Google Analytics account.

If you ranked (x) position

We know the CTR (Click Through Rate) distribution for the positions on the first page of Google due to the global search traffic studies that have been carried out.

For example, a number one spot within Google will see on average a 34% CTR, meaning if your keyword phrase was searched for 10,000 times per month, appearing at the very top of the page would see you get about 3,4000 hits per month from this search term.

CTR’s are affected by the correct use of titles and descriptions using organic and keyword research. If your CTR is lowed than figures shown, consider optimising your metadata.

Improving conversions and search presence

If you’re looking at improving your conversion rate and your search presence, why not take a look at our On-Premise Training or our Fully Managed SEO services.


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