Website Optimisation

Project Detail

Meraki got in touch with us and asked us to optimise their website. A company that provides freelance copywriting services to businesses. We ran a GTMetrix report to get a baseline reading and proceeded to carry out a range of optimisation techniques server side and within the content management system itself.

After several optimisation methods, we significantly improved their PageSpeed score, reduced the total page size and requests, resulting in a much faster load time.

Project Date30th Aug 2018

Speed is a ranking signal

Website speed is a ranking signal and has been since an algorithm update in 2010. Research has also shown that Google may be measuring TTFB when it comes to rankings, so having a well optimised website in terms of loading speed is crucial to gaining higher search engine result positions. You can read more about page speed optimisation on our blog here where we provide some tips to increasing your page speed.