Munday Taylor Lamont

Website Maintenance & Search Engine Optimisation

Project Detail

Munday Taylor Lamont got in touch with us and asked us to provide them with website maintenance and search engine optimisation. A Hereford based company specialising in plumbing, heating and kitchen requirements. The first thing we did was to run a website analysis through GTMetrix – a tool to determine the performance of websites.

After several optimisation methods, we significantly improved their PageSpeed score, reduced the total page size and requests, resulting in a much faster load time.

ClientMunday Taylor Lamont

Speed is a ranking signal

Website speed is a ranking signal and has been since an algorithm update in 2010. Research has also shown that Google may be measuring TTFB when it comes to rankings, so having a well optimised website in terms of loading speed is crucial to gaining higher search engine result positions. You can read more about page speed optimisation on our blog here where we provide some tips to increasing your page speed.

What have we achieved so far?

Managed SEO Results
MTL SEO Results

Managed SEO

Increased Rankings & Traffic

We’ve managed the SEO for Munday Taylor for the last few months and have started to see significant increases to their search engine result positions.

Page One Rankings

10 of 14 Desired Phrases

Using our managed search engine optimisation service, they now have 10 of their 14 desired keywords and phrases on page one of Google in just a few months.

Top of Google

Page One Rankings

We can’t disclose keywords due to client confidentiality, though you can see in the screenshot above several targeted phrases having page one rankings.