Web Development & Managed SEO

Project Detail

ESCCO is an esteemed company that is situated in the beautiful Wye Valley of Herefordshire. The roots of the
company were established in the 1970s and the main division is their CNC sector. We developed the new CNC website to showcase the company’s range of plasma tables in an easy format. Featuring a live calendar for booking appointments, interactive PDF’s, a gallery with a host of features – all in a slick design, responsive across all devices.

We have also manage the companies SEO for the last few years and have seen significant organic growth gains since we have managed to achieve page one rankings.

Competitor Analysis

We carried out competitor analysis on closely related companies which provided Escco with invaluable information on where their direct competitors where gaining their traffic from, both organically and paid.

Keyword Research

Using this information, we were able to not only carry out keyword research on targeted keywords and phrases, but were also able to provide Escco with higher volume phrases which hadn’t been considered or thought of.

Search Engine Optimisation

With this information to hand, we implemented and managed the onpage search engine optimisation delivering great results which saw a spike in traffic due to achieving page one results for targeted phrases.

Strong Presence - Excellent Results

Escco has seen a big difference to their search engine result positions. As the screenshots below shows, they have seen keywords rise over 99 positions to 1st in Google and now have 8 of their 16 desired keywords in 1st position, with a further 4 featuring on page 1. As a result they have seen significant gains to their traffic volumes. Excellent SEO results all round.

PlasmaCNC Rankings

2019 Update - Still Going Strong

Update: We’ve now been managing the SEO for ESCCO for the past three years. You’d think after achieving page one results, that would be the end of the road – however, there is always room for improvement. As you can see in the screenshot above, page one results were achieved back in 2017. The screenshot below, however, shows that between 2018-2019, ESCCO has seen a rise of over 100% to their traffic as a result of a managed SEO service.