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Project Description

Project Brief

Escco already had a website built by Silver Scope Media, for their plasma tables side of the business. They wanted another website for their consumable side of the business. This included creating a database and importing over 2000 products, images, and a host of features including online credit application with the ability to sign the application online, using a mouse, finger (touchscreen) or a pen (touchscreen), advanced search functionality including being able to search via SKU, manufacturer code, tags and misspelled words, custom pricing, custom shipping, quoting tool for the reps with the ability for the customer to accept the quote via PDF which would add all the products into the basket, and various other features.

Web Design

A Fully Fledged E-Commerce Website

Escco Website Redesign
Escco Website Product Pages

Skills Needed

The project planning and branding was undertaken between myself and Escco management who had an idea of how the new website would function and what services it would offer it’s customers. The web development and feature implementation was carried out by Silver Scope Media. The end result was a fully fledged e-commerce website incorporating a host of custom features.

Project Planning 97%
Web Development 91%
Feature Implementation 98%
Search Engine Optimisation 100%

Custom Pricing

One of the features requested was to incorporate custom pricing. This was achieved with the ability to set up custom pricing per customer, group, category, time based, percentage based and fixed. Customers logging in would see their own special price, showing discount saved vs regular prices.

Advanced Search Functionality

The search functionality within the website allows customers to search for a product in various ways. Either through product name, tags associated, SKU and manufacturer code, and best of all, the ability to search for products using misspelled words.

Efficient Importing of Products

As there was no previous website listing the consumable products, it was imperative to setup the website to allow for efficient importing and updating of products. Once setup correctly, importing just under 2500 products took just under 10mins, thus reducing development costs.

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