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Project Description

Project Brief

Escco requested for a new website to be designed and developed that was modern, and had new features not seen in their old website. This included creating an e-commerce store with real time currency conversion for foreign markets, an easy to use content management system, as well as something engaging on the homepage compared to a traditional picture slider. We took care of everything from the concept, design and carried out all the search engine optimisation. The end result was a slick looking website and a huge increase to their search engine result positions.

Web Design

A Complete Redesign & SERP Increase

Escco Website Redesign
Escco Website Product Pages
Escco SERPs

Skills Needed

The project planning and branding was undertaken with the guidance of Escco staff who had a vision of how the new website would look and feel. The web development itself and search engine optimisation was carried out by Silver Scope Media. The screenshot above (far right) clearly demonstrates the impact of the SEO work carried out resulting in a huge boost to the companies search engine result positions.

Project Planning 90%
Branding 80%
Web Development 92%
Search Engine Optimisation 100%

Competitor Analysis

We carried out competitor analysis on closely related companies which provided Escco with invaluable information on where their direct competitors where gaining their traffic from, both organically and paid and in what percentage.

Keyword Research

Using this information, we were able to not only carry out keyword research on targeted keywords and phrases, but were also able to provide Escco with higher volume phrases which hadn’t been considered or thought of.

Search Engine Optimisation

With this information to hand, we implemented and managed the onpage search engine optimisation delivering great results which saw a spike in traffic due to achieving page one results for targeted phrases. See screenshots below for statistics.

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Strong Presence

We live in a digital age where more customers are gained online. Most companies from small to large alike have a website to advertise their products and services, but if they are not well optimised and ranking highly, then potential customers are lost to the competition. 91% of searches on Google never make it past page one of the results so it is important to have a strong presence in such a competitive marketplace.

  • Top 3 SERPs
  • Top 10 SERPs
  • Top 20 SERPs

Excellent Results

After a few months of onpage search engine optimisation being carried out, Escco saw a big difference to their search engine result positions. As the screenshots show, they originally had only one keyword in the top 10/20 of Google and nothing else. After a successful onpage campaign, they ended up with seven phrases in the top three, nine in the top ten and fifteen in the top twenty. Excellent results all round.