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Project Description

Impressive Traffic Stats

Silver Scope Media carried out the on-page and off-page search engine optimisation for S60 Cert Key, a phone unlocking service of Symbian mobile devices. The search engine optimisation was a big project due to the vast competition of such a service though the screenshot attached from Google Analytics shows that the website received over 300,000 hits per month and over 1M page views. That’s some impressive traffic statistics.

S60 Cert Key Traffic Stats

Visits Per Month

With over 300,000 hits per month, S60 Cert Key quickly became number one in its field and gained huge attraction worldwide.

Pageviews Per Month

With over 1M pageviews per month, the opportunity for advertising and multiple income streams was huge.

Low Bounce Rate

A low bounce rate demonstrates that the traffic gained was of decent quality and gave the end user a good experience.

Avg Time on Site

The average time spent on the site goes hand in hand with the bounce rate. Demonstrating phrases targeted converted well.

S60 Cert Key Website

S60 Website
Hits Per Month
Page Views Per Month

Search Engine Optimisation

Silver Scope Media carried out the onpage and offpage search engine optimisation throughout the two years S60 Cert Key was live and active. Whilst the website no longer resides on the web due to Nokia pulling the plug on manufacturing Symbian phones, a Google search will bring up plenty of results from various websites where we managed to gain backlinks.

Excellent Results

The results speak for themselves. With over 300,000 hits per month and over 1,000,000 pageviews per month, that’s astonishing results seen and shows just how powerful search optimisation can be for any business. S60 Cert Key gained over 400,000 members in a two-year period before Nokia decided to stop producing Symbian mobile phones.