Whether you’re looking to increase eCommerce sales or generate more online leads, we create high performing pay per click campaigns.

Google Ads Management


Use the world's most used search engine to promote your business online and reach customers instantly. Successful SEM campaigns require a strategic approach and technical expertise. Our data-driven approach measures success by your ROI and the growth of your business.


Advertise your business's services or products and generate more leads and sales with performance reporting.

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Advertise your products using our Google product feed and target people directly searching for your products with visual ads.

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Looking for long term organic growth? SEO focuses on improving keyword ranking and increasing online conversions.

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Google Ads are the paid alternative to search engine optimisation. Whilst the latter yields long term results, Google Ads is a quick-fire approach to instant brand awareness. Create targeted search ads and shopping campaigns that put your services and products in front of customers online, instantly.

The short answer is no. If you have weak positioning within search engines, a Pay-Per-Click campaign will not improve your organic visibility.

Yes. Without getting too technical, Google uses what’s known as a QS (Quality Score) for each keyword or phrase targeted via a campaign to determine your cost per click. So improving your SEO can directly benefit your Google Ads campaign and more importantly, your ROI. Find out more about our SEO campaigns.

In the long run, SEO is a better investment than PPC advertising, however, it takes longer to achieve results with a search campaign. PPC is beneficial for businesses looking for quicker returns on their investment.

If you’re looking to increase brand awareness or are looking to sell products via your eCommerce sites, then Google Ads is beneficial. The latter especially, as these are more visual-based ads that are displayed in the shopping tab on Google when someone is specifically searching for advertised products.

In general, PPC campaigns can cost as little or as much as you’d like to spend. Before running a campaign, we’ll perform keyword research to give you an idea of how much your CPC is likely to be, plus competition levels and chances of seeing an ROI based on these metrics.

Frequent Marketing Questions

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    Google search ads are a great way to attract instant brand awareness and gain online exposure. Generate more leads with clear CTAs (Call To Action's) that convert clicks into customers. Looking for long term growth? SEO may be a better approach for your business.

    • Increase brand awareness and interest
    • Target the right type of user intent
    • Tailored Google Ad campaigns
    • Geographic based campaigns
    • Generate more online leads
    • Keyword focused bidding strategies


    Google shopping listings offer more than traditional search ads, consisting of product title, image, price, ratings where applicable and brand name. Designed to convert better than search ads, our Google product feed integration will only target higher ROI products.

    • Maximise campaign performance
    • Target transactional intent users
    • Conversion tracking reporting
    • Visual appeal advertising
    • Google shopping account setup
    • Google shopping feed creation

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