SEO Process.

Our processes have been refined to offer a client journey that leads to online success.

From our initial discovery session where we take the time to learn about your business, your goals and objectives; to developing a bespoke SEO strategy; to carrying out the ongoing technical and innovative actions that promote growth, we leave no stone unturned and give our clients the best chance of achieving their full potential.

Bringing the pieces together 👈

We’vee formulated an SEO process on over a decade of research and experience to deliver unparalleled SEO services and support to our clients. Our bespoke approach ensures that we align your business goals and objectives to deliver increased organic performance that translates into the growth and success of your online business.

How it's done

Our process differs depending if we are providing strategic search campaigns or or consultation services.

From discovery to strategy, from fulfilment to reporting, find out more about how we work and the steps we take to maximise the chances of digital success.

SEO Campaigns
SEO Campaigns

Discover more about the process we take when providing clients with strategic search campaigns that promote online growth.

SEO Consultancy
SEO Consultancy

Discover more about the process we take when providing clients with consultancy-based SEO services on an ad hoc basis.

01. Discovery

Digital success starts with a deep understanding of your business which we do through a discovery session. This phase is crucial for customer success, and during this phase, we will learn about your business goals and objectives so that, during the fulfilment phase, we deliver strong organic growth.

02. Strategy

The next part of the process is to benchmark your organic search performance, perform extensive keyword research, and research your online competitors to see what’s working for them.

During this phase, we’ll run a website audit to identify technical and SEO errors and set up your project in our software suite. This enables us to formulate a strategy for the fulfilment stage.

03. Fulfilment

Our SEO strategist will make changes and implement a range of technical and content optimisations on your website that follows best practices.

Optimisation methods will change month on month, focusing on improving search engine visibility and targeting the correct type of search intent for the pages of your website.

04. Reporting

We continually track and measure organic results to determine what adjustments and changes are required going forward. At the end of each month, we’ll provide you with clear and concise campaign reporting demonstrating metrics such as the visibility of your website.

We’ll report on keyword positioning and changes in traffic numbers and sources. Reports may include additional information depending on the type of search campaign.

01. Discovery

We provide SEO consultancy services in two ways to businesses, either on a one-off basis or on a block basis to be used as and when required.

Whether it’s a managed SEO service or a consultancy session, the first part of the process remains the same and that’s the discovery session where we take the time to learn more about your business, goals and objectives.

02. Onboarding​

You’ll be assigned to an SEO strategist where you’ll be able to get your technical questions answered as and when required. This is normally done via phone or Zoom/Teams for instances we need to share the screen.

For clients utilising block hours, we’ll set you up in our software suite so we can keep an eye on your website’s health, organic performance and other key metrics.

03. Strategy
We’ll also use our findings from the discovery and onboarding phase to formulate an SEO strategy, determining which areas should be focused on first to gain maximum exposure whilst improving your organic performance.
04. Ad Hoc
For clients who are utilising the knowledge and skills of an SEO strategist on an ad hoc basic, you’ll be able to book in consultations and video meetings as and when required to ensure you’re always following best practices and getting the most from your continued internal marketing efforts.

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