SEO is the digital approach to growth. Do it right, and you increase not only the number of users finding your website but also the percentage of clicks that convert into customers.

We’ve curated the top 10 statistics from search engines to ranking factors to put things into perspective. Some of these facts and figures are certainly mind-boggling.

SEO Statistics

1. On average, 53% of all site traffic comes from organic search. With Google heavily investing in increasing user experience and delivering the most relevant results, this channel is only likely to continue increasing.

2. Appearing first in Google’s search results for any given phrase, on average will see a 32% CTR (Click Through Rate). That means if there are 10,000 searches per month for any given phrase, the URL that appears first will see around 3200 organic hits.

This number can fluctuate dependant on various factors such as industry, branded vs non-branded keywords, the number of ads displayed on any given search and featured snippets.

3. 75% of users do not look past the first page of the results when searching for a product or service. In terms of CTR, appearing on the 2nd page of the results will see a CTR of less than 1%.

4. Like it or not, Google is the most widely used (not surprising) search engine. Their market share stands at just under 93%. Bing is runner up with just under 3%. That has to be embarrassing for Microsoft, right?

5. There are over 200 ranking factors that determine where a webpage ranks in Google search. Nobody knows them all. Some are known. Some are myths. Some are based on years of studies. Each one of these factors can have over 50 variations as confirmed by Google’s own Matt Cutts over 10 years ago.

6. With billions of searches per day and trillions of indexed URLs, its no surprise that circa 90% of all web pages get no organic traffic at all. Time to check your traffic stats and start optimising for those thin pages.

7. In a study carried out by Ahrefs, 1.9 billion keywords were analysed, and the results showed that 92% of them received 10 or fewer searches per month. That is why keyword research is crucial to the success of organic growth. New to keyword research? Have a read of our Keyword research beginners guide.

8. On average, 40% of users abandon a site that takes longer than 3 seconds to load. Have you looked at your bounce rate recently in Google analytics and compared it to your loading speeds?

9. More than half of all webpages that rank in the top 10 results are at least 3 years old. If your domain is new, do not give up – SEO is a marathon, not a sprint.

10. We mentioned above that there are over 200 ranking factors. But what are the top-ranking factors? Content and links. That’s right. The top two factors that directly influence your ranking positions is your content and the backlinks you’ve generated. Concentrate on the former, and the latter will build naturally.

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