Data is the key to digital success. Get a competitive edge on your competitors, markets, and target audience

When forming your digital marketing strategy, using data rather than guesswork means the difference between failure and success. From which keywords to target based on monthly search volumes, to what works for your competitors, data insights provides you with the information needed to increase your online visibility.

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Data on your website and competitors traffic

Analyse any competitor and discover what works and doesn’t work within their digital strategy. We’re able to identify trends, average visit duration, bounce rate (which is a good indication of how users engage with their site), their traffic sources split by direct, referral, search, social and paid and the distribution of traffic they receive by country.

Comprehensive analysis of keywords, trends and paid search. See what customers search for the most

One of the most valuable data sets is seeing what customers type when searching for products and services. Metrics include monthly search volumes, the difficulty of ranking the keywords, ad copies, cost per click and the top ranking pages.

When optimising your website's content, you don't want to guess what keywords to include as they may not be the most relevant. By having the correct keyword data to hand, you can better optimise the content of your site and increase your online visibility.

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Using online ads to increase your website's traffic? Discover competitor ads, strategy and CPC

Google Ad's is competitive. Planning your PPC strategy is a lot easier when you can look at your competitor's advertising strategies. From seeing how much your competitors are paying to what traffic they're pulling in, you'll be able to create better ads that convert higher.

We provide bespoke competitive data research and analysis to best fit your digital marketing goals

Every business has different marketing goals and we're able to carry out research and analysis in a range of areas to help you get the most from your internal marketing efforts. Get in touch with us to find out more.