We provide SEO consultancy and in-house training for those looking to develop their knowledge and skills.


Take control of your digital growth by expanding on your knowledge and ensuring best practices are applied when managing and updating the company website. We provide our digital marketing training in-house, tailored to your goals. In the comfort of your own premises, you'll learn how to effectively create a marketing strategy that increases your online search presence and sales.


With Google’s forever evolving algorithm updates, our SEO consultancy solution will make sure you’re always staying up to date with your marketing strategy and continuing to follow best practices. We keep up to date with search behaviour, trends and algorithms, so you can get direct answers and advice to best practices and policies in relation to your search engine marketing implementation.

New to SEO or in a competitive industry? SEO training gives you the knowledge required to succeed.

We provide bespoke training to businesses looking to get the most from their internal marketing. There are hundreds of factors that determine where a site appears within search engines and everyone's knowledge levels vary. However we've listed a few of the areas below that we cover.

Keyword Research

Understanding how to perform keyword research has a direct impact on how customers find you online. From choosing the right keywords, how to determine the difficulty in ranking them, and how to identify primary, secondary and long-tail keywords, you'll develop the knowledge needed to make sure you're not leaving it up to chance.

Internal Linking

Internal linking establishes a hierarchy on your site and creates value to search engines and your users. Search engines use this information to understand the relationship between pages. For users, this results in increased time on site and lower bounce rates. You'll learn how to implement an internal linking strategy that benefits both bots and humans.

Competitor Analysis

Identifying what works and doesn't work for your online competitors can give you the edge needed to outperform them online. We'll show you how to perform competitive research on your competitors so you can use the data to make your website more successful.

Increasing Conversions

A small increase in your conversion ratio can make a big difference to your lead generation and turnover. Learn how to measure and improve your websites conversions through various methods including web design, structure, split testing, user flow and behaviour.

Content Management

You'll learn how to make your content more attractive to search engines and how to create and manage content that strengthens your website's visibility. In local SEO and competitive industries, this can make a big difference to what keywords your website ranks for and the traffic your website brings in.

User Experience

Improving user experience strengthens your brand positioning and your turnover. It's an area of SEO that's comprehensive and covers everything from metadata to performance. Learn how to understand customer behaviour and makes the changes needed to improve your users experience.

Online evolves, and it does so quickly. Stay up to date with the latest marketing techniques and best practices.

Better Results

For a lot of business owners, website management is an internal process often performed by someone in a marketing department. Having a consultant on hand to answer queries and keep a close eye on your site will help you achieve better results by making sure the latest marketing techniques and best practices are implemented and followed.

Best Practices

Speaking of best practices, SEO is a forever evolving field. Google aims to provide the most relevant results to its users and is regularly updating its algorithms that determine where a site appears within its search engine. We stay up to date with these algorithms, and having an SEO consultant on hand means that you're always implementing the latest practices.