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Businesses who understand their customers best, wins. That’s the benefit of our competitive data analysis and research service. We’re able to provide you with real digital data keeping the guess work at bay. From what potential customers search for, frequency, keyword difficulty levels, to what works for your online competitors.

There are four main areas businesses find this information vital and that’s broken down into the following four categories, keyword research, competitor analysis, content marketing and advertising research. Maximise your potential target audience using organic research and reach more customers online.

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Marketing solutions for your business

Keyword research

  • Maximise your potential target audience by discovering untapped primary, secondary, long-tail and semantic keywords.
  • Find out the keyword difficulty on a per phrase basis and start targeting lower competition level phrases which are easier to rank for within search engines.
  • Want to find out more about the importance of keyword research? Read our beginners guide here.

Competitor analysis

  • Ever wondered where your competitors are getting their traffic from? Discover what keyword phrases your competitors are ranking for, what sources they get their traffic from, how much they spend on ads and much more.
  • Find what sites are linking to your competitors and for what content. This gives you the data needed to create content that improves on theirs and what sites to then target for building your own links and increasing your traffic sources. This is an effective but simple link building strategy.

Content marketing

  • Quality over quantity has long been the Google way. Trying to get individual pages to appear high up within the search results requires analysing the content of your competitors that are already on the 1st page of the results.
  • Analysing your page’s written content against your online competitors will give you a good indication if you’ll be successful in getting that particular page to rank highly and shows what needs to be changed to improve the overall score from content length to keyword density.

Advertising research

  • Analysis of your competitor’s ad budgets and keywords.
  • Discover your competitor’s ad copy and their landing pages.
  • Find keywords costs and competition levels rather than guessing.