SEO is a digital marketing technique which focuses on increasing your website's visibility, conversions and sales. Think of it as the digital approach to growth.

Search Engines

Have you ever wondered how those webpages at the top of your search results got there? It’s because of a digital marketing technique called SEO. This technique helps websites appear higher up in search engines when people search for products and services online and puts your business in front of more potential customers.

Search Behaviour

Google receives over 5.8 billion searches per day from users looking for information, products and services. However, 75% of users never look past the first page of the results and with regular search algorithm updates, SEO becomes an essential digital marketing strategy for businesses looking to reach maximum online visibility.

SEO is about understanding, developing and deploying an intent-driven funnel that meets customers needs.

Just what is search intent? When it comes to creating an SEO strategy that works, search intent is about as crucial as it comes. When someone searches online, we need to understand why they carried out this search? Were they looking for information? Are they looking to purchase something? When we truly understand our customer's intent, we succeed. There are four types of search intent.

1. Informational

The first type of search intent is informational. A user could be looking up opening times for a business, a service or just an answer to a question. Users with this type of intent are looking for specific information or are trying to find out more about their query.

2. Navigational

As the name implies, navigational intent is when a user knows where they want to go but are not sure how to get there. With this type of search intent, the user knows what they are looking for and is wanting a link that will take them directly to that website or page.

3. Transactional

The next type of search intent is transactional intent. This user is in buying mode. The chances are, they already know what product they are looking to purchase and is looking for somewhere to purchase it.

4. Investigation

Lastly, we have users who intend to purchase but need convincing. They could be looking up reviews or similar products. These users also have transactional intent but fall into a separate group.

We've managed the SEO for Bull Products and have helped them increase their traffic by over 300%

As part of an on-going digital strategy, we've provided Bull Products with a fully managed SEO service for the past two years. During this time, we have achieved significant gains to their search engine rankings and unique visitors.


Visitor Increase


Unique Visitors



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Client Feedback

"Silver Scope Media is an extremely credible company with a wealth of experience in search engine optimisation (SEO), web design and digital marketing in general. The biggest challenge with SEO is "results" and Silver Scope Media are very transparent in the approach and solutions to increasing exposure and will go above and beyond to explain their methods and intent. I find it very helpful to have more of a visual insight into what is involved and the methods and then seeing the results. I would fully recommend and endorse Silver Scope Media and their great work and ethic."

Bradley Markham - Director at Bull Products

We provide fully managed SEO solutions, consultancy and in-house training for those looking to develop their knowledge to achieve organic growth internally.

We cater to self-employed individuals and large corporations alike. For marketing managers and individuals responsible for managing and update the company website, our in-house SEO training will provide you with the knowledge required to achieve internal growth. For difficult markets and competitor, or those looking for a hands-off approach, we offer a fully managed solution.


SEO can be tricky dependant on the competition level of your competitors and the keywords you're trying to target. It could also be a case of where you have the traffic but are struggling with increasing the conversion rate. That's when a fully managed SEO service can be beneficial, focusing on increased visibility, conversion and sales.


Google's search algorithms evolve, as does user behaviour. We keep up to date with the latest algorithm changes and trends, so you don't have to. Our consultancy services are best suited for businesses who manage the company website internally but are looking for periodic input to ensure that best practices are continually applied.


Be it because of budgeting constraints, or because you're responsible for looking after the company website, we also provide in-house SEO training. You'll develop the skill set and knowledge required to give you the best chance of increasing organic growth without outsourcing to an SEO agency.

Data Insights

We can help you with developing your digital marketing strategy by providing invaluable data into your competitors, advertising, markets and target audience. From untapped keywords to increase search traffic to advertisers costs and placements, we can provide the data.


What is the real value of SEO, and why should it form an integral part of your digital marketing strategy?



Websites commonly generate the bulk of their traffic organically. If you're not at the top of Google, customers are finding your competitors instead.



A good SEO campaign focuses on more than just increasing organic traffic. It also looks to improve the UX to increase the online conversion rates.



When done correctly, SEO impacts the buying cycle. We use competitive data insights to identify trends and customer behaviour to increase online sales.