Our comprehensive 130-point site audits reviews everything from structure to content and gives actionable recommendations for improvements.

With hundreds of ranking signals that determine how your site ranks for any given search query, it's imperative to regularly run audits on your website to identify and fix any problems and ensure you're following best practices. Our site audits provide you with the data needed to increase user engagement and search visibility.

Our site audits cover 130 data points from duplication to crawlability, divided into three groups.

Our site audits are comprehensive and divided into three clear groups of priority. These are errors, warnings and notices. Containing 130 data sets, you'll have a complete picture of what works and what needs improving. Data sets cover everything from your internal linking to your sitemap. Below we've listed a few examples of the data sets.


Your websites loading speed is not only a ranking factor but also has a direct impact on how users engage with your site. This section of the report identifies any performance-related issues.


Does your content perform and turn clicks into customers? Identify strengths and weaknesses in your content strategy and make sure your content is optimised for your website visitors.

Broken Pages

It happens. Links can lead to a '404 not found' page because a website's structure has changed, or because of a re-development without 301 redirects. The result is a negative user experience.


Pages with duplicated or metadata that is not optimised such as titles, descriptions, heading tags, etcetera have a direct result on not only search rankings but click through rates.

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    Performing regular site audits keeps your website aligned with best SEO practices.

    Websites evolve over time and so does search engine algorithms that determine and change rank positioning. That's why you'll often see search results change. One day you're number one, and a week later you've dropped to fourth. Our scheduled website audits provide data insights to act on before its too late.


    If your corporate site has a strong brand positioning or frequent updates, then our weekly audits are a good option. Carrying out weekly site audits ensures any problems can be found and resolved before they have a negative impact on your user's engagement and search presence.


    Our monthly audits are best suited towards medium-sized businesses with less frequent website updates. Google's search engine algorithms frequently change with user behaviour, and monthly audits are a good choice for those looking to always follow best SEO practices.

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