We provide flexible and bespoke website maintenance, support and management services.

Keeping your site healthy and updated benefits your customers, your organic visibility and your business. We provide bespoke maintenance, support and management services taking care of everything from content management to backups. We look after your website so you can focus on your business.


If your website goes offline due to a technical or server error, it can cost the business a loss of customers and revenue. Our monitoring system actively checks your website's up time every 60 seconds, making sure we're the first to know and resolve in the event of a problem, rather than your customers. We provide a login to see all relevant up time stats or can send a monthly report.

Site Audits

With all our website management and support services, we carry out automatic (weekly/monthly) site audits to keep an eye on your site's health from a performance and search marketing POV. We do this so we can identify and fix any potential errors before they have an impact on user experience and your organic visibility. We send out our website audits via email in PDF format.

Security & Updates

You've probably experienced it before. You go to update a module or plugin, and something stops working. We can take care of all server, theme and plugin updates, making sure they always continue to function without error. We always take off-site backups before updates are installed, in case we need to roll back.


We can take care of everything from adding new content and functionality to web design updates and e-commerce management. We're flexible in our approach and provide a bespoke solution to every business. Some clients require out of hours dedicated support, while others are looking for more basic maintenance services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Website management involves a variety of activities designed to keep every aspect of your site up to date, secure and cross-compatible.

Modern websites are designed and developed on CMS’ which offer flexible approaches to adding functionality. Therefore, they do need to be updated and maintained.

A CMS, AKA Content Management System, is a software application that enables site owners to update and manage their site.

Website management includes everything from backups, audits to keep an eye on your site’s health to uptime monitoring and content updates.

Every site is different and has different management requirements. A personal website will have different management hours associated compared to an SMB.To associate a cost, we'll need to evaluate your site first.

Because we care for your business

We understand that every business is unique and has different requirements. We're flexible in our approach, providing a tailored service to match the requirements needed. Get in touch with us for an informal chat.