When it comes to SEO, is it best to use an agency or carry out everything in-house?

Digital strategy for organic growth

SEO is an essential digital marketing strategy for businesses looking to increase their organic growth. A great looking website doesn’t mean much if you’re not getting traffic to it. More visitors means more lead generation and sales, and unless you want to pay for that traffic on a click by click basis (CPC advertising such as Google Ad’s) you’ll want to employ an SEO strategy focused on climbing up the rankings within the search engines.

Studies show that 75% of users / 91% of all searches carried out don’t look past the first page of the results. So, if your website is ranking for certain keywords and phrases on page two and beyond, you’re missing out on a large pool of potential customers. If you know the search volumes for your keywords, you can calculate the amount of traffic you’ll receive for any position on page one of Google, using our free organic growth calculator.

SEO agency vs in-house approach

The question of which approach is best when it comes to your digital strategy depends on various factors. Time, skill, resources – to mention a few. However, one thing to consider is the complexity of your industry and the competition you’re trying to beat. For a large business in a complex field with stiff competition, outsourcing your SEO is going to probably be a much better solution.

However, that doesn’t mean you need to outsource everything if you’re trying to get more out of your digital marketing budget. It’s going to be beneficial to start with a website / SEO audit to start to formulate a strategy for whichever approach you go with. We offer a free 120 point website audit, so we’d recommend starting there. It will not only highlight technical errors that need fixing to provide a better customer experience, but it will also highlight some key SEO areas that can be resolved either internally or outsourced.

For smaller businesses, or one’s that have a tighter pool of less competitive keywords, tackling your SEO in-house is going to help keep your marketing budget under control.

Developing SEO skill set internally

SEO is a technical field, not to mention it’s forever evolving. However, that doesn’t mean you should be worried about carrying out this work internally. If you have someone who is responsible for updating the company website, it would be beneficial to send them on some training so they can at least carry out the fundamental in-house whilst following best practice.

We provide in-house SEO training and consultancy. Designed for marketing teams, managers and anyone who has direct access to the website, they’ll develop the necessary skills to deliver increased organic growth.

Outsourcing to an SEO agency

There could be various reason why at some stage you then may decide to outsource to an SEO agency. It could be that after an algorithm update, you’ve lost a lot of traffic. It could be that the work has become too technical to carry out internally, or that the competition has got fiercer. Whatever the reason may be, there will be times when resources have been exhausted internally and it’s time to outsource. That’s where our managed SEO services can be beneficial. Based on results rather than commitments, we provide a fully managed service with easy to understand reports being sent out at the end of each month. We also carry out a lot of optimisation work that doesn’t get seen. We’ve tried to demonstrate this in our SEO iceberg infographic below.

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