A Minimum PageSpeed Score of 90% (GTMetrix)

GTMetrix is a tool designed to easily check the performance of a website. We strongly believe that websites should be well optimised for it’s visitors and guarantee that your website will have a minimum PageSpeed score of 90% and an A rating. Most websites have an average score of 72% (as reported by GTMetrix) and we aim to significantly beat this during development. Why not check out some other websites (maybe your competitors or your own) to put our 90% A rating guarantee into perspective. Visit GTMetrix to start.

A Fully Secure Website (SSL Certificate)

Look at the URL in your web browser. If it starts with ‘https’ instead of ‘http’ it means the website is secured using an SSL certificate and that data is encrypted over the browser protecting you, and your customers. Your site will be built fully secure (no mixed content warnings) with a free SSL certificate.

Optimised For Speed

It’s well known that page speed is a ranking signal. If your website is not fast to render the contents of a page, you’ll lose your customers and find it increasingly difficult to ever get decent rankings in Google. We therefore guarantee a maximum load time of 3 seconds. Condition applicable: Your hosting must be provided through a 3rd party as recommended by us as we can’t guarantee speeds on 3rd party hosting providers as loading speed is a combination of a well coded website and decent hosting hardware.

Built with SEO in Mind

A lot of development agencies or freelancers specialise in website development but not search engine optimisation. We believe the two go hand in hand. We’ve specialised in SEO since 2008 and have a track record of helping companies increase their exposure. No SEO disasters here during your website redevelopment.

As such your website will be developed with SEO in mind. This includes a variety of aspects including correct use of metadata using organic reserach, sitemaps creation, robots file creation, optimisation for performance & loading speed – as standard.

No Downtime

If you already have a website, you don’t need to worry about potential downtime and disruption to your business. We develop websites on dummy domains and transfer them for free to your domain out of business working hours after you’ve signed everything off. This ensures you have no downtime during redevelopment.

Free Set of Revisions

Unlike other agencies we don’t charge for your revisions. We want our clients to be 100% happy and form a long standing relationship. As such, you’ll be able to make a free set of revisions to your website to ensure you’re completely satisfied.

Free Training

It’s common for websites to be handed over with no training on how to use the admin panel. We don’t believe this is fair. If we develop your website, we also include a 2hr remote session. This is an opportunity for us to show you how to manage your website internally. Alternative, we offer a website maintenance service should you wish to have this managed for you.

Email Configuration & Setup

We’ll set up your email accounts and provide you with the details for you to be able to set them up on your computer, or phone. If you have Office365 we’ll update your MX, TXT and CNAME records during out of hours, minimising any downtime you may face whilst records are updated globally.

Why choose us?

There’s plenty of agencies and freelancers offering website development services, so why choose us? We specialise in website development as well as search engine optimisation and feel strongly that the two go hand in hand – especially if you’re having a website redeveloped compared to a fresh build.

We go the extra mile

We love to go the extra mile to ensure a long-lasting relationship with our clients and don’t charge for certain elements which is often the case with website development projects. From free remote training on how to use the content management system to update your website internally, to your first set of revisions to ensure you’re 100% happy with your website.

Tailored To Meet Your Needs

Built with the user in mind, we design and create beautiful looking websites that are responsive across all screen sizes be it on a computer, tablet or mobile phone, enabling you to effectively promote your business and services whilst ensuring your customers get the best browsing experience possible. From one page designs to fully fledged e-commerce websites.

Utilising clean code and an easy to use content management system to match, you’ll be good to go. We also offer website maintenance packages to keep everything updated, or alternatively we can provide in house training so you’re able to manage and update your website internally without the worry of ongoing development / management costs.

Website Development Services

Professional Image

In this fast paced and ever-changing environment, it is imperative to stay ahead of the competition. First impressions are everything and brand awareness is the key to maximise the potential of any business. Get a professional design to be proud of, and ensure you stay current and up to date in the fast-changing digital world we now live in. We are passionate about creating a professional image, enriching your brand, and profitability.

Updating & Maintaining

Our websites are built on an easy to use content management system, so you can manage and update your website internally, easily. However, we also offer website maintenance packages for those who don’t want to have to worry about keeping their hosting server or website updated. From design changes to keeping code up to date – we can take care of it all.

Web Design and Development


With communication via phone, email, Skype and face to face, you’ll always be kept up to date with the progress.

SEO Optimised

Our sites are built fully search engine optimised, utilising clean code, metadata, optimised images and more.

Custom Features

From e-commerce custom pricing to catalogue creation and quoting tools, we build as per your requirements.

Going Forward

Once the project is complete, we are still here to help if need be, through managed services or consultancy.