About This Service

Ever wondered where your competitiors are getting their traffic from? Using our analysis service we can provide you with invaluable information from finding out what keyword phrases your competitors are ranking for, where they get their traffic from and much more. By analysing the competition, we can discover untapped keywords as well as other vital statistics that is needed to increase your own website traffic and therefore your exposure in the digital marketplace.

Organic Research by Silver Scope Media

Organic Research

Maximise your potential target audience through organic research. Ensure you target the right keywords and phrases to maximise your online presence and website traffic by analysing your own keywords as well as your competitors.

  • See competitors best performing keywords and phrases
  • Discover new untapped phrases to increase your organic traffic
  • Track your own search engine result positions as well as your competitors

Organic traffic is your number one free source of visitors and keyword optimisation is crucial due to search volume trends changing over time. Stay at the top of your field in this forever changing competitive marketplace.

Keyword Research

Keyword research can provide you with data that will help you increase your websites organic traffic through a variety of ways from finding long tail keywords to discovering monthly search volumes from different locations and devices.

  • Find keyword and phrases that work for you and increase your digital exposure
  • Discover insights into search volumes for your keywords and related phrases
  • Find the average CPC for any phrase and maximise your online campaigns

This can be especially useful if you are targeting international traffic as keyword phrases from different locations will have varying search volumes.

Keyword Research by Silver Scope Media
PPC Research by Silver Scope Media

PPC Keyword Analysis

When running pay per click campaigns, there’s a fine balance between building a perfect keyword list and converting your monthly expenditure. PPC keyword analysis gives you an edge into increasing your advertising conversions.

  • Gain an insight into your competitors advertising strategies and digital marketing budgets
  • In-depth analysis of their adverts and keywords they are bidding on
  • Increase conversions by seeing what works well for those you are in direct competition with

PPC competition can be fierce and the price per click for competitive keywords can run high. Gaining as much data as possible is key to ensuring you don’t throw your money away when running paid advertisements.

Keyword Position Tracking

By keeping an eye on any changes to your targeted keywords and phrases, you can act accordingly when there are rankings changes. Google updates are frequent so monitoring your search engine result positions are crucial.

  • Track and monitor changes in your SERPs as well as your competitiors
  • Email alerts to inform you of position changes so you can act accordingly
  • Monitor search engine result positions for mobile and desktop searches

Monitor SERPs for a variety of devices and locations and stay at the top of your field. Track any keyword, any domain, from any location on any device!

Position Tracking by Silver Scope Media
Website Audit by Silver Scope Media

Website Audits

Keep an eye on your websites health with our website audit service. Find and fix errors in a fast and effective way and provide your customers with a more positive user experience.

  • Analysis of your site/s to find and resolve on-page issues and boost search engine optimisation
  • Enables you to keep on top of any issues that may arise, including broken links, images, and a lot more
  • Improve your websites health to provide a better experience for your online customers

If you provide an ecommerce service to your customers, the HTTPS checks will come in especially handy as errors of this format could cause you to lose potential business. An important factor for your customers as well as search engines.