KanKode design and develop plugins for the most popular eCommerce platform in the world.

WooCommerce has a worldwide market share of 29% amongst all websites using eCommerce technology. This puts them far ahead of other platforms such as Shopify (19%) and Magento (8%). We designed and developed a modern search system for the platform, featuring instant search, built in product filters, promotional messaging, automatic sale savings and live stock status reporting.

The modern search experience

We designed and developed the KanKode website, as well as the WooCommerce search system it provides to eCommerce owners using WooCommerce. The website itself features a modern style layout and showcases the eCommerce search plugin through a beautifully styled demo integration.

The search system itself is far more complex. Built for WooCommerce owners, it provides website owners with a very clean, modern and super-fast search system to find and display products.

“I love this plugin. Its one of the best (if not the best) search plugin for Woocommerce. Get it and you won’t regret”

Alumnay, CodeCanyon

“The best search plugin in the world for WooCommerce. Amazing, fast, super, easy”

Meoman, CodeCanyon